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Playing for free, i.e. for virtual money, will allow you to test the game, to understand the mechanisms of the different versions of Keno, to learn the rules and to train with several options to find the version of Keno that suits you. It is then in a second time that you have to think about playing for real money. This is a logical next step as Keno is a lottery game and winning is the driving force behind the game. Once you play your favourite version of Keno for real money you can win small winnings that allow you to pay off your grid and of course we hope you win the jackpot.

Playing Keno online – all advantages!

Keno Game

Even if you take out the umbrella of banalities, online Keno has all the advantages of online games and online casinos.

Play whenever you want! No more waiting for the draws, the opening of a gaming point in a PMU or a tobacconist, now, you play when you want. You launch your Keno 24/24 every day of the year, 7 days a week.

Casino bonuses: It is important to know that all online casinos offer all new registrants welcome bonuses which are often a percentage of the first deposit and sometimes even free grids offered. This means that you can play for free and win real money!

Play from your smartphone and tablet: Keno is also becoming a mobile game. As online casinos are available on your smartphones and tablets, so is the keno lottery game. Just log on to your gaming room from your mobile and go to the Keno game to play a grid on the bus or in the park and why not during a break at your workplace.

Winning more often and cheaper grids. The competition between the casino allows us Keno players to enjoy the best offers in terms of price too.

Many versions of Keno

The most common options at online casinos:

  • Combination Keno: Instead of choosing one combination for a draw, you can choose multiple combinations for a single grid and draw. More expensive to validate, the Keno combo grid also allows you to multiply your winnings. As is often the case in online casinos, the riskier it is, the more it pays.
  • Keno Wai Ticket: You play with 20 numbers on several draws simultaneously.
  • Super Keno: The first ball drawn gives you a X4 multiplier on your winnings. Beware this multiplier only works if the first ball drawn matches one of your numbers!
  • Keno Power: The Australians know how to have fun and they have come up with a version that has conquered the online Keno world. Here, all you have to do is match the last number drawn, i.e. the twentieth, to any number on your grid to win.
  • Straight ticket keno: Choose 15 numbers on your Keno grid and choose the number of draws you want to participate in. Easier, with one click, make several simultaneous draws.

The chances of winning at keno

Keno Online

The chances of winning the lottery are notoriously low, but unlike the lottery, and although Keno is also a kind of lottery, the chances of winning are much higher. Indeed, you only need to draw one or two correct numbers to win a prize or a sum of money… 

To play video keno, the minimum stakes are lower than for live keno – even the house edge is also lower in video keno. On the other hand, it goes much faster… Video Keno is as fast as a slot machine, but as there is no strategy to think about, this game is still a good combination of fun and suspense and fans of excitement will not be disappointed! For beginners however, don’t hesitate to check out the basic rules, and for advanced players too, read our article on variations and strategies to improve your performance!

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