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Bingo today is played at the village fete as well as in the sanitized rooms of hard casinos and even in your pyjamas from your bedroom with a smartphone. Indeed, online bingo has literally exploded on the internet in recent years as online casinos have made it a real draw for players from all over the world. Just as they did with scratch cards, online gambling professionals have managed to create a real online bingo offering while dusting it off without distorting it. This tour de force, because this deeply friendly game becomes a solitaire game, has won over regular bingo players and even traditional online casino players. And the more games you put online, the more theories you can come up with to win for sure. All these theories we tell you about just to demolish them as you may have read in our articles on poker strategies. 

Bingo is usually played in large rooms with, let’s not be afraid to say, a liturgy of players. The first step is the purchase of the game card. Enthusiasts even wait several hours to get there first and choose their favourite game cards. Then, the choice of the place, the gris-gris, the drum. Everything is perfectly codified. Online bingo does not meet any of these usual criteria. However, bingo in online gaming rooms offers many more possibilities and advantages.

Availability: you can play whenever you want? A bingo player only has to log on to his online casino to play: 24/7.

Immediacy: You play, you get the result. You can even use an option that automatically gives you the result without going through the draw, which can be a bit long.

Winnings: Forget about the basket of local products more or less far away, but win fresh! The winnings are all the more interesting as you have many possibilities of betting and therefore multipliers of winnings.

Play free bingo: Online casinos offer most of their games for free – although playing for real money is the ultimate goal. You still need to be registered and have even a small deposit to test the bingos and find your favourite machine. This play money allows you to try out online bingo and thus get a feel for the benefits of the game for yourself.

Variants: Online competition has forced casinos to develop different variants and imaginative options that put a new spin on the old bingo. More fun, more discovery and more ways to win the jackpot.

What bingo has lost online, it has gained in other ways. Many online bingo players are real life bingo players. One does not preclude the other.

How do you choose your bingo game?

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Well, you have to try out the variations. We recommend live bingo. You can find the casinos that offer it in our casino tests and reviews. The principle will allow you to switch between the real and the virtual with a transition. Indeed, live bingo is played in real time. You connect to the live bingo and you will find yourself in a bingo room with a real drum and a hostess who draws the balls. You can talk to other players live! Note that live bingo is only available for real money.

The main bingo variants

  • 90 ball bingo.
  • 75 ball bingo.
  • Live casino bingo.
  • Progressive Bingo.

So it’s a matter of taste. Obviously, some people will prefer 75 ball bingo because there are fewer numbers. Progressive bingo will be the choice of players who like to chase jackpots.

Strategy in the game of bingo 

online bingo

Bingo is still a game of chance, but as always strategies grow here and there in the twists and turns of the internet and become certainties. We’ve tried to clean up and protect you from the wackiest of techniques to offer you two that can improve your chances, without being miracles: online bingo is a real game of chance, that’s its essence and you don’t use strategies to beat the odds. But you can play smart. 

For Granville, the 75-ball bingo game is the one to tackle. For him and according to his calculations, which are a little too advanced for us to present to you, not because we doubt your mathematical genius, but rather because we doubt ours, you have to choose 7 even numbers and 8 odd numbers! He starts from the principle of the group theory and explains in substance that for the first number there is a chance of 1 in 75 and that for the other numbers the statistic decreases. By adding a factor, even or odd, you reduce the chance by the same amount.

Tippet’s theory also applies to 75-ball bingo. If you’re going to play with statistics, you might as well take the bingo with the fewest balls. He studied an average bingo draw and came up with the idea that the average was around number 38. So you would have to play around that average to have a better chance of winning. So why not, but an average allows for a large variance in numbers. This theory has been emulated in the world of online bingo players.

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